SpaceShipTwo spacecraft first tested from America

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Test SpaceShipTwo conducted May 1. The ship launched at an altitude of 15.2 kilometers after separation from the carrier aircraft Eve. He made a planning flight, developing a speed of Mach 0.7, and successfully landed on the territory of the spaceport.

Despite the fact that these are far from the first SpaceShipTwo trials, Virgin Galactic considers them to be an important step on the way to putting the ship into commercial operation: it will be from America that they will make commercial flights. Previously, all tests of the ship took place at the site located in the Mojave desert, California.

SpaceShipTwo spacecraft first tested from America

SpaceShipTwo is a small reusable vehicle that can take on board up to six space tourists. During their flight, they will have the opportunity to see the Earth from a height of more than 100 kilometers and experience the state of zero gravity.

Virgin Galactic is far from the only company wishing to contribute to space tourism. So, in February of this year, SpaceX agreed to send four tourists to the orbit of our planet.


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