Spacecraft SOHO captures a cubic UFO near the Sun

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(ORDO NEWS) — UFO hunters posted a photo on the Web, which allegedly depicts an alien spacecraft flying near the star. The object was captured by NASA.

The photo was taken by the apparatus of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). According to the enthusiasts, they saw a UFO against the background of the Sun, moreover, an unusual shape.

Netizens are sure that the observed anomaly near the star has an incomprehensible size and is characterized by a square shape.

Scott Waring, a fairly popular ufologist, believes that UFOs are ten times the size of the globe. If the radius of the Earth is 6371 km, then the radius of the alien spacecraft is 63,710 km.

Waring also stated that the UFO could have come from the core of the Sun, where aliens were energizing their technology. Of course, scientists at NASA do not share such theories.

According to James Oberg, ex-NASA engineer, “space dandruff” was often caught on cameras. This is debris floating in front of the cameras, which is quite abundant in space.


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