Space shuttle Columbia disaster: in Texas found the helmet of an astronaut who died 17 years ago

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(ORDO NEWS) — Surely many remember the terrible disaster in 2003 – the space shuttle Columbia crashed to the ground in which there were seven astronauts. They went on another mission, but could not return from it.

Some time ago, a helmet was discovered in the state of Texas, which may well belong to one of the deceased astronauts. His photo was posted on Reddit a couple of days ago. The post got a huge number of comments and likes in a matter of hours. At the moment, the picture has not been checked for the presence of Photoshop, but people again remembered the terrible tragedy and began to actively comment on the picture.

17 years ago, everyone was shocked by what happened to one of NASA‘s spacecraft. The space mission included seven crew members. The spacecraft, which was named Columbia, became the first spacecraft to successfully fly in space. At that time, 27 missions had already been completed, but 28 ended in disaster and the spacecraft crashed to Earth from a great height.

For several weeks, searches were carried out not only for the bodies of the astronauts, but also for the wreckage of the ship itself. I had to explore a huge area. And 17 years later, I had to remember the tragedy again, because a helmet was discovered, which, presumably, belonged to one of the team members who died that day.

The photo posted on the network fueled the interest of users, who immediately began to comment on the post and recall the details that were voiced by NASA almost two decades ago. Some of the users doubt that the helmet really belongs to the astronaut and they say that it could be a fake or a high-quality photoshop.


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