South Korea uses new mask to protect against coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — In South Korea, restaurant patrons use a new kind of face mask that allows people to cover their nose while eating and drinking.

The mask, called Kosk, is designed to help people protect their nostrils from airborne viruses while eating.

The kosk can be worn as a regular face mask that covers the nose and mouth, but it can be folded so that it only covers the wearer’s nose.

An unusual mask is sold by the American-South Korean company coupang. A pack of 10 sells for $11.42. The product received a five-star rating out of 118 reviews on the website.

An unusual type of mask designed by South Korean company Atman has gone viral on the internet and received mixed reviews.

Professor Katherine Bennett of the Deakin Health Transformation Institute commented that the invention is a very “strange idea”.

She said that wearing Kosk would be “better than nothing,” but whoever wears it is still vulnerable to getting the virus by mouth.

Kosk may reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 for those who primarily breathe through their noses, but people who eat and talk will also breathe through their mouths.


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