South Korea created a material that makes the military invisible

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(ORDO NEWS) — South Korean inventors have created a material called masking skin. It is assumed that this development will help the military become almost invisible, merging with the environment.

The new material is able to hide its carrier not only from video cameras, but also from night vision devices operating in the infrared range. The innovative material consists of “pixels” containing monochrome crystals that can change light. In this case, the fabric can be heated or cooled, depending on the ambient temperature. This feature allows you to completely hide the object from thermal imagers.

South Korea stientist

The developers conducted a series of experiments to make sure of the effectiveness of their invention, and at the same time to demonstrate its capabilities. An innovative material in the form of a small patch was glued to the participant’s hand. The hand was placed on different backgrounds and exposed to different temperatures. The color of the material became the color against which it was located.

At the next stage, the developers are going to improve the material by adding the ability to independently respond to changes in the environment. For this, scientists have to carry out colossal work.


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