South African woman sets world record by giving birth to ten children at a time

(ORDO NEWS) — Just a month ago, the world spread the news about a woman in labor from Mali, who gave birth to 9 healthy children in 1 pregnancy. And now another record and again in Africa. This time a resident from South Africa gave birth to 10 children.

Reported by The Daily Mirror.

The woman in labor is Gosiame Tamara Sitole, she is 37 years old, she lives in the village of Tembis. The village is located in the municipality of the city of Ekurhuleni. She worked in the municipality as a manager of a retail store.

The mother of many children went to childbirth at the 29th week of pregnancy. She had a caesarean section at a hospital in Pretoria. The happy family has a large replenishment: 6 sons and 4 daughters. This is not her first pregnancy, her mother already has two twins, who are 6 years old.

This outcome of childbirth was an absolute surprise. On the ultrasound, the woman counted only 6 children, and then clarified that 8. But in the end, all the conclusions turned out to be erroneous. The woman’s pregnancy was not easy. She suffered from heartburn and leg pain all the time.

All babies are alive, they will spend the next few months in special incubators. This is vital for premature babies. Then happy parents will be able to take all the kids home.


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