South Africa, named the disease, which is similar to “omicron”

(ORDO NEWS) — South African Foreign Ministry spokesman Clayson Manuela in an interview with Izvestia said that state statistics at the moment show that the new strain of COVID-19 omicron is more like influenza downstream and does not cause serious symptoms.

South Africa currently has the most confirmed cases. However, none of the patients required a ventilator or hospitalization.

“Our scientists and the Ministry of Health, based on their observations of patients, conclude that the new variant of COVID-19 does not cause serious symptoms. It is similar to the symptoms of influenza. So far, no one sick with omicron has required a ventilator or emergency hospitalization. These are observations. practicing doctors and scientists in general, “the diplomat said.

Earlier, South African President Cyril Ramapo’s noted that the fourth wave of coronavirus begins in the country. During the day, the number of infections increased fivefold.

Earlier it was reported that two Russian tourists who returned from South Africa were found to have an omicron.


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