Soon most of the Earth will become uninhabitable

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(ORDO NEWS) — Increasingly, scientists paint a scary picture of the future. According to their pessimistic forecasts, the Earth has no chance of a comfortable existence.

Many of the processes currently taking place on the planet are irreversible, and man had a hand in them. Man-made disasters, greenhouse gases, wars all this destroys not only nature, but also the planet itself.

The problem of global warming is still relevant. In recent decades, ecologists have sounded the alarm: due to global warming, glaciers are melting, the Earth’s axis is shifting, and thousands of animals are dying.

The problem is aggravated by greenhouse gases. Because of them, the Earth heats up.

According to scientists’ forecasts, by the end of the 21st century, part of the planet will become uninhabitable due to high air temperature.

Continents will turn into dead deserts, rivers will dry up, and nothing alive will remain. It will be the hottest in India, Africa (especially south of the Sahara) and Australia.

Scientists say it will not just be hot, the Earth will be unbearably hot. For example, in Chicago, the air temperature will increase 16 times.

Already in three decades, the dangerous heat index in tropical regions will be over 180 days, and in another forty, it will be virtually constant there.

Even if humanity comes to its senses, starts taking care of the planet and reduces the temperature by 2 degrees with joint efforts, the terrible scenario will become a reality.

Already now, humanity needs to start preparing for climate change: breed new types of plants that can withstand high temperatures, take care of farming, water sources, and personal safety.

Due to such a severe drought, it will not even be possible to go outside. Rapid climate warming will lead to the fact that the Earth can repeat the scenario of the fantasy novel “Dune”.


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