Someone on Mars is watching the Curiosity rover AGAIN

(ORDO NEWS) — Panoramic images from Mars in good resolution allow virtual archaeologists to find on them, as one of the NASA employees ironically noted, even what is not there and cannot be. But can you trust the opinion of a representative of the American space agency, which is constantly hiding and distorting something, for example, coloring photos sent from Mars red?

The author of the blog Ufo Sighting Hotspot invites us to take a closer look at the panoramic image taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover at the end of last year, specifically on the 2620th day of the Mars mission of this “long-playing vehicle”. The panorama, taken by the Mastcam mast camera, has stitched together over a hundred individual images that provide a wide view of the Red Planet’s West Hill.

And here, the blogger-ufologist writes, you can notice something interesting, namely, the humanoid figure, clearly following the work of the earth rover. According to the virtual archaeologist, this is clearly a sentient creature with a pale face and wavy hair falling over its shoulders. It appears to be wearing glasses and is clearly looking at Curiosity, watching it work.

Someone on Mars is watching 3

The ufologist invites everyone to download this image in high resolution and to see for themselves the validity of his assumption. The blogger reminds that NASA rovers periodically shoot humanoid figures on Mars, as well as traces of their stay (past or present) there. Moreover, once the Curiosity rover caught a shadow in the lens of its camera , which was cast by a humanoid in a spacesuit near it …

Of course, all these findings can be attributed to the pareidolic illusion, which has already become the talk of the town when it comes to American Martian missions. But there is another theory of independent researchers, according to which NASA never sent a single rover to the Red Planet. And they run on one of the deserted islands of Canada Devon, the landscape of which is very similar to the Martian one, especially if the images are retouched under a red background, which is what NASA does …

In this case, say supporters of the conspiracy theory, NASA employees, it is quite possible that they themselves periodically throw up all these amazing finds to virtual archaeologists, and then blame everything on a pareidolic illusion. And it turns out an interesting effect: it indirectly proves the presence of American missions on the Red Planet and at the same time becomes just a funny game: “What else will we find on Mars today?”


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