Someone called from the dead man’s phone for 11 hours, but only interference was heard

(ORDO NEWS) — Charles Peck was killed in a train crash. His family received calls from the deceased’s phone at about 11 o’clock, but nothing could be heard there, except for loud noise.

This strange event happened in 2008. Charles Peck was on the commuter train home from his interview, but this was his last trip. The train collided with a freight train. Death was instantaneous. There were 225 passengers on that train. During the clash, 25 people died and another 125 were seriously injured. The cause of the collision was the train driver’s carelessness, who did not notice the red signal in time.

Ambulances, firefighters, police, and rescue services arrived at the crash site. Rescuers immediately began to dismantle the resulting rubble in order to find those passengers who survived. For 11 hours after the crash, 35 calls were made to the relatives of the deceased Peck from the phone. When the receiver was lifted, an exceptionally loud static noise could be heard. No other sounds or voices were heard.

They figured it was Charles calling to warn him that he hadn’t died under the rubble yet. When relatives tried to call back, they got on the answering machine.

12 hours after the disaster and an hour after the last call, rescuers were able to find Peck’s body, which was in the most damaged part of the train. Doctors have established that he died immediately after the collision. The phone was not in the things and bag. He was never found. It will not work to assume that someone could have picked up the phone earlier, because the body was under huge rubble until the last moment. It was also not possible to solve the mystery of the calls.


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