Some planets can form in just half a million years

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the European Southern Observatory have come to the conclusion that some planets can form in just 500 thousand years. To come to such conclusions, scientists studied a huge number of gas-dust disks formed near young stars. A new planet can form in just half a million years.

Thanks to this hypothesis, scientists were able to explain why some protoplanetary disks are small.

Researchers have been observing gas and dust clouds for several years, and concluded that the disks do not exceed three million years of age. However, many were not so large as to form a large planet.

They turned out to be 10 times less than the substance necessary for the formation of the planet. For example, in the constellation Perseus, astrophysicists discovered a huge number of stars, ranging in age from 100 thousand to 500 thousand years.

Experts have found that such stars have a large amount of matter, and it is much more than in gas and dust disks over two to three million years old. Researchers believe that young planets are still continuing to form, and when the matter of the discs is depleted, the planetary system will be fully formed.


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