Solar storm sparks rare pink aurora in skies over Norway

(ORDO NEWS) — A rare pink aurora was observed in the skies over Norway on November 3rd. It was caused by a solar storm that “made a hole” in the planet’s magnetic field.

According to the portal, a pink aurora appeared in the sky over Norway around 18:00 pm local time and lasted about two minutes.

He was able to see a tour group from the Greenlander company, which was based near the city of Tromso.

“It was the strongest pink aurora that I have seen in the last ten years,” Markus Varik, the guide accompanying the tour group, told the portal.

Live Science explained that the natural phenomenon was provoked by a solar storm that “pierced” the Earth’s magnetosphere.

According to experts, the streams of charged particles managed to penetrate deep into the atmosphere, which caused the pink glow.

The crack in the magnetosphere eventually healed after six hours. During this time, the aurora was also recorded in the sky over Sweden, but its color was blue.


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