Solar ejection made a “crack” in the Earth’s magnetic field

(ORDO NEWS) — A powerful shock wave hit the Earth on the night of December 20 and “split” its magnetosphere.

Recall that the magnetic field protects the surface of the planet from cosmic radiation, according to Space Weather.

The origin of the shock wave is still unknown. But scientists believe that it was generated by the release of high-energy and highly magnetized hot gas from the Sun.

The source of the release was the AR3165 spot, which released at least eight M-class flares on December 14. They reached Earth and caused a brief blackout over the Atlantic Ocean.

Shock waves are produced when a fast stream of particles passes through the slowly moving solar wind. They consist of compressed and heated gases.

The scientists noted that a “crack” in the magnetosphere could remain open for several hours. At the same time, radioactive solar wind is able to penetrate through it. It also creates conditions for geomagnetic storms.


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