Solar eclipse in June: where and when it can be seen

(ORDO NEWS) — In summer, June 10, the first solar annular eclipse will take place. It will start in Ontario (Canada). To be more precise, you need to focus on a point slightly north of Lake Superior.

Further, it will move along the following trajectory: northeastern direction, through part of Canada, and then in a northerly direction along the extreme north-west of the island. Greenland. Reported by The

Astronomers have reported which countries and continents will also be able to observe such a rare and unusual phenomenon. The eclipse will peak at 13:41 Kyiv time (GMT +2). Exact geographic coordinates: 80 0 49 ‘north latitude and 66 0 48’ west longitude.

The uniqueness of this solar eclipse is that it can be seen even at the North Pole. In the 21st century, this is the only case when an annular eclipse of the Sun will pass through this point.

Residents of Yakutia, the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, as well as in the north of the Magadan Region and in the extreme north of the Kamchatka Territory will be able to observe the phenomenon. The eclipse will end at 14:30 Kiev time.

In total, 60 countries will be able to watch this amazing event in the world. A similar eclipse took place in 2003 on May 31. Such phenomena occur when the Sun, Earth and Moon line up. In this case, the satellite of the Earth is at the maximum distance from the planet and as close as possible to the Star. The moon will cover the sun for a time, but since it is much smaller in size, only the rim of the star (solar ring) will be visible in the sky.


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