Solar activity drops to its lowest in a hundred years

(ORDO NEWS) — The solar minimum continues and it is one of the deepest in a century. During the solar minimum, the Sun is inactive and there are no sunspots.

A decrease in activity began in 2019 and continued in 2020, becoming a century-old solar minimum: solar flares are rare and extremely weak, geomagnetic storms are almost not formed (only occasionally and not due to outbreaks on the Sun, but due to the fluxes of the solar wind and the weakened magnetosphere of the Earth) , and the upper layers of the Earth’s atmosphere are cooled.

Many scientists are worried about future prospects and say that the Sun can “get stuck” in the solar minimum, provoking a mini-ice age on Earth, caused by low solar activity.

A panel of experts led by the NOAA hopes that the solar minimum will reach its final mark somewhere in the end of 2020, and then activity will begin to increase in 2021-22, reaching a new solar maximum in 2023-26.


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