Software bug sent innocent postal workers to jail

(ORDO NEWS) — Several hundred postal workers have fallen victim to the IT system over the past two decades, Postmen were given real prison sentences, and many were left by their spouses.

The workers were deprived of shelter and the chance for a normal life. Not without suicides. Of course, when an innocent person is convicted of millions of thefts, he simply can go crazy and commit suicide.

Reported by The Verge.

The Post Office is a British postal company at the center of a scandal. The company has been using Horizon software for the past two decades. This software is specially adapted for sales accounting. But the program was not doing the job to the fullest. One mistake was made in the software code, which ruined the lives of hundreds of postmen.

The program was constantly short of money. The Post Office management attributed these shortfalls to its employees. Not once in 20 years have executives questioned how software works. But they regularly put people behind bars.

Janet Skinner used to work at this post office. After the accusations and trial, she was forbidden to communicate with her children. She was charged with a £ 59,000 shortfall. In one of the Post Office branches, an employee was accused of embezzling £ 100,000. There are 740 postmen who have suffered today.

The company was also sued for compensation for moral compensation (more than 2,400 applications already).

But how to make amends to those people who ended up in prison, lost their relatives and friends? The company faces lengthy proceedings and countless courts.


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