Social media users can’t figure out where the deer’s body is in the photo

(ORDO NEWS) — One of the residents of the United States photographed a deer whose body disappeared behind a tree. A huge number of users tried to understand how the body of an animal could fit completely behind a thin tree trunk.

Jenny Macmillan has repeatedly seen white-tailed deer in her backyard. Most often they come during the cold season when they are trying to find something edible. Earlier this month, a woman went to the window and noticed an extremely strange picture.

On the street she saw a deer, whose body was not visible because of a narrow tree. Only the head was visible, although everyone understands that the body of the animal is much larger than the trunk of a tree.

The woman immediately took a picture and published it on social networks, which caused a huge number of users to stupor. They just didn’t understand what was happening in the published picture. Users immediately began to assume a variety of versions of how the deer could so skillfully hide behind a tree.

Some believe that the deer stood on its front legs and lifted its hind legs up a tree. Some more tried to prove that the animal has a too short body, which can be hidden without any problems even behind a small tree.

Most likely, the deer was standing right behind the tree, and then turned its head to the side and began to peer out from behind the trunk. As a result, his torso remained in the blind spot, which led to such a strange picture.


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