Social media use linked to parenting style

(ORDO NEWS) — Parents who actively post photos of their children online tend to have a friendlier and more confident parenting style and allow their child to use social media from an earlier age than fathers and mothers with a tough approach to their children. American scientists came to this conclusion.

A team of researchers from the Universities of Florida and Indiana (USA) conducted a survey involving 493 parents who constantly use social networks and have children under the age of 10 years.

During the survey, researchers asked adults questions about how often they shared photos of their children on social media.

As it turned out, parents who posted pictures of their child more often had a softer parenting style than those who did not. The same trend was observed in when dads and moms allowed children to use social networks: the earlier, the more loyal was the parenting style.

Such parents, in addition, turned out to be inclined to share information not only with family and friends, but also with a large circle of unfamiliar, if not complete strangers on the Web.

Interestingly, such fathers and mothers rarely asked if the child himself wanted his parents to show his photo to others. However, adults considered their behavior natural and by no means shameful.

The same was true of their attitude to showing pictures of other people’s children on the Internet (in connection with which the researchers have an assumption that such “sociability” of parents may reduce the child’s sensitivity to the exchange of such information in social networks in the future).

Therefore, scientists express concern about the “frivolity” of this style of interaction of such parents with others, because the neglect of confidentiality can harm the child.


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