Snowden on coronavirus the opinion of the infamous whistleblower

(ORDO NEWS) — The infamous former CIA and National Security Agency officer Edward Snowden has spoken out more than once about the pandemic.

So, he warned that governments are using the coronavirus to create a “system of oppression.” Snowden’s remarks about the coronavirus make us think about civil liberties and privacy.

Edward Snowden is unequivocal about the coronavirus. The future may be unpredictable, but global pandemics are not. All governments on the planet have been repeatedly warned that at some point a viral pandemic will engulf the entire world. Yet they failed to prepare for the novel coronavirus.

Snowden on the predictability of the coronavirus pandemic

“Every scientist, every researcher who watched the spread of the coronavirus knew that a pandemic would happen,” Edward Snowden said about covid in an exclusive interview with VICE co-founder Shane Smith in 2020. “However, the system failed us.”

There is nothing more predictable than a public health crisis, Snowden explains in an interview. And every academician, every researcher knew that things were heading towards a pandemic. Including the secret services.

The Chinese government tried to expel Western journalists from the country at this very moment, when there was a demand for reliable information about the development of the epidemic. So, Edward Snowden’s opinion about the coronavirus is unequivocal.

Snowden on the coronavirus and the oppression of the people

“It seems that [coronavirus] has affected civil liberties and the right to privacy?” Shane Smith asked Snowden about the pandemic.

To which Edward replied the following: “As the spread of authoritarianism, the introduction of a state of emergency, we are not just sacrificing our rights. We are also sacrificing the ability to stop the slide into a less liberal and less free world.

Do you really believe that when the first wave, the second wave, the sixteenth wave of the coronavirus passes, the positions won will not be saved? That interaction algorithms will not be saved? No matter how they are used, what is being built today is a system of oppression.”

Snowden on why politicians need coronavirus

Let’s turn to another quote from the infamous whistleblower about the coronavirus. So, in an interview via video link at the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, Snowden explained why politicians need coronavirus: “When we see that emergency measures are being taken, especially today, it is usually difficult to refuse them later.

They tend to expand. Then the authorities gradually get used to the new powers. She’s starting to like it.”

Snowden on coronavirus the opinion of the infamous whistleblower 2

Snowden on coronavirus and total surveillance

Here’s what Snowden said about the coronavirus at the documentary film festival: “Five years after the coronavirus disappears, this data will still be available to intelligence agencies.

They already know what you’re watching on the Internet, they already know the location of your phone, now they know what your heart rate is. What happens when they start collating this data and applying artificial intelligence to it?”


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