Snow in the Andes reaches a depth of 7 meters (VIDEOS)

(ORDO NEWS) — When the storm passed through Argentina and Chile, heavy snowfalls left international crossings closed, with snow walls on both sides of the route up to 7 meters; extreme temperatures with indicators at – 23 degrees.

A storm in Ecuador in the Andean region of Pillaro, in the center of the country and at the entrance to Llanganates National Park, left snow cover up to 30 cm high.

Since the end of June, Patagonia has been swept by heavy snowfalls and extreme low temperatures that make it difficult or impossible to move between cities and towns.

Asphalt or gravel roads are the basis of these accumulations of ice and snow, which in many cases are very dangerous to travel. For example, national route 40 is closed in some sections. Route 237, which goes to Neuquen, is also closed.

Meanwhile, in Cordoba, to keep their cows and sheep from starvation, people are digging tunnels under the snow to leave their homes.


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