Snow fell in South Africa

(ORDO NEWS) — People waited in a long line to enter the Matroosberg Nature Reserve to see for the first time in their life the snow that fell in the Western Cape on the weekend.

The intense cold front that struck South Africa created an ideal winter wonderland thanks to heavy snowfall in Eastern Cape, Lesotho and areas throughout Western Cape.

Difficult and unusual conditions did not deter people from hiking in the mountains, to see the snow and to make a snowman for the first time in their life.

“It’s breathtaking,” said Donito Adonis, who first managed to hold the snow in his hands, “I never thought I’d see snow in South Africa.”

Stephanie Bugan, who visited the reserve with her family, said the trip was worth it – we arrived and it snowed, snow was everywhere, it was amazing!

Many snowmen appeared on the ground, and people threw snowballs at each other at the foot of the mountain.

“This is the only time we can really throw a snowball at our mother,” says Linda and her brother. “It turned out that it hurts if you get in the face and not at all fun.”

According to the South African Meteorological Service, the cold front is expected to affect the Western Cape and Northern Cape on Monday.


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