Smartphone rescued a couple who fell from a 90-meter height in a car

(ORDO NEWS) — In California, USA, a smartphone helped a couple who fell off a car from a height of 90 meters to escape and get out of Monkey Canyon.

December 13, 23-year-old Chloe Fields and her boyfriend, 24-year-old Christian Celada, were driving on a two-lane highway near Monkey Canyon.

At some point, a woman in a white Mercedes-Benz appeared behind their car and honked at them.

According to Celada, he decided to let her pass, but at that moment his car ran into gravel, lost traction, crashed into several trees, rolled over and fell to the bottom of the canyon.

The couple miraculously survived.

“I remember repeating, ‘We’re fine, we’re fine,’ as the car went downhill,” Fields said.

After Chloe and Christian got out of the car, they ran into a problem: in the canyon, the phones did not pick up the network and they could not call the rescuers.

However, it soon became clear that everything was not so hopeless.

Despite the fact that Fields’ phone shattered the screen, it continued to function and suggested that the owner contact emergency services using the Emergency SOS function, which works via satellite.

The phone transmits the user’s answers to a few short questions to the rescue service, and also reports the location of the person.

Employees of the service processed the call and sent rescuers to the indicated place. They arrived by helicopter, picked up the victims and took them to the hospital.

“We only have facial bruises, cuts, a little pain in the neck and a slight concussion,” Fields said.

The coordinator of the search and rescue group noted that such incidents usually end in the death of the victims, so the case of Chloe and Christian is a real miracle.


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