Small shark with a “human face” was caught off the coast of Indonesia

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(ORDO NEWS) — A variety of creatures can be found in the sea, but few could have imagined that a shark that has a “human face” would be caught.

Fisherman Abdullah Nuren caught a mutant shark near the shores of Indonesia. An adult was caught in his net, which was carrying three cubs. One of the cubs had round eyes that were located under the muzzle and at the same time he very much resembled a person.

The man took this incredible shark to himself, although many offered him to sell the individual for quite a lot of money. Nuren did not want to part with such an amazing specimen.

Small shark with a human face was caught off the coast of Indonesia 2

The man also said that people began to come to his house to look at this miracle of nature with a “human face”. Many of them wanted to immediately buy a shark for themselves, but Nuren thought that it could bring him good luck and therefore refused to all buyers.

Recently, there are more and more cases when animals have human features. This is surprising in some situations and shocking in others. Photos with unusual animals immediately appear on social networks and collect a huge number of comments.


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