Slavic Savior – an ancient teaching that will enrich the spiritual world of modern man

(ORDO NEWS) — Man has always known that he is surrounded by a mysterious world filled with different types of energy. In order to learn to see more than is revealed to the eyes, it is only necessary to develop inner vision and not ignore obvious signals.

Then you will be able to see the aura (energy shell) and learn how to interact with it. The unique Slavic Spas knowledge system, which was practiced by distant ancestors many centuries ago, can help with this.

The teaching of the Slavic Savior and modern life

The ancient Slavs paid special attention to interaction with the outside world. They highly valued harmony with nature and tried to find contact with all living beings.

The desire to know everything that exists around lies at the heart of the system of the Slavic Savior. The student’s task is to develop his spiritual abilities so much under the guidance of a mentor that he learns to perceive the world at the energy level. It helps to open up new levels of reality and look at others from a different perspective.

The task of a person who has decided to connect his life with the Savior is to learn to live in accordance with the chosen spiritual system.

Since generic practices were of great importance for the Slavs, one of the components of the teaching is familiarization with the spirit of the ancestors. This allows you to gain the experience of generations and apply it for your own purposes.

Also, generic practices enrich the spiritual world of adherents and saturate the bioenergetic field, without which it is impossible to lead a full life.

How can the Slavic Savior help a person

The deep task of the teaching is to develop a high level of self-consciousness among followers. This allows a person to fully control his spirit and body and make the right decisions in any situation. For modern people who are constantly under the pressure of the rapid pace of life and emotional overstrain, Spas will help:

  • Determine the point of harmony with yourself and others;
  • Manage emotions in stressful situations;
  • Free the mind from prejudices and other destabilizing factors;
  • Develop self-control.

It’s important to remember ! In many sources, the teachings of the Slavic Spas are associated with a kind of martial art that was practiced and continues to be used by the Cossacks (in this case, the term “Cossack Spas” can be used).

Although at the heart of this approach to military service, indeed, there are elements of working with the aura and energy levels, approaches to their use remain different. Therefore, if you decide to enroll in courses on the Savior, carefully review the program and make sure that it meets your goals.


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