Skyscrapers with ‘vertical forest’ to be built in Dubai

(ORDO NEWS) — The Italian company Stefano Boeri Architetti has announced a project to green Dubai, which will build two skyscrapers, representing the so-called “vertical forest”. This is reported by the portal New Atlas.

The two buildings, arranged in a V-shape, will be covered with tens of thousands of trees and shrubs, as well as greenhouses and hydroponic gardens.

Residents of these skyscrapers will have access to green terraces.

The design of the project is made in such a way as to also reduce electricity consumption – this was made possible thanks to a photovoltaic installation capable of producing “clean” energy.

Special attention will be paid to the problem of water conservation, given the dry climate of Dubai.

Thus, it is planned to install a standard wastewater recirculation system, as well as a water desalination system.

The exact date of the project is still unknown.


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