Sixth mass extinction has begun on Earth – say scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — According to the calculations of the supercomputer , the sixth mass extinction has already begun.

Experts say it will be worse than when the dinosaurs died out. By the year 2100, more than 25% of all living species on the planet today will die out.

The new study on mass extinction was led by Giovanni Strohn (a scientist from the European Commission) and Corey Bradshaw (a professor from Australia’s Flinders University). These scientists and their team created a “virtual Earth” with all its biodiversity and cataclysms.

More than 15 thousand food chains were entered into the computer database. This is necessary to establish the relationship between species. A real interactive map of our planet has been released.

The results of such work turned out to be more than sad for humanity. If you believe the computer, and machines make mistakes very rarely, the sixth mass extinction has begun .

People themselves are to blame for this. They do not protect the planet, pollute it, wage wars. Due to such human activity, the climate changes and leads to the extinction of entire species.

A computer model showed that 10% of species of all representatives of fauna and flora will disappear after 28 years. And by 2100, this indicator will increase to 27%.

Bradshaw claims that the generation of children growing up now will witness a terrible disaster. Elephants and koalas, various insects will die before their eyes, plants such as orchids and others will disappear.

Already today, more than 42,000 biological species are under threat of extinction. It is impossible to reverse the processes.

Experts believe that previous extinction models were inaccurate. They did not take into account one serious point, which is called “joint extinction”.

For example, when a species of animals disappears, the predator that feeds on this prey also dies accordingly. This is how whole chains can disappear.


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