Six places where World War III could start

(ORDO NEWS) — The theme of World War III has been worrying mankind for quite a long time. After Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani died in January due to an air strike, and then the coronavirus began to spread around the world, the problem became urgent again.

At the moment, there are several places where the Third World War may begin.


In early January of this year, Donald Trump ordered the assassination of General Soleimani to allegedly protect his military overseas. The blow carried out was needed to contain future Iranian attacks. After that, Iran vowed that it would avenge the general’s murder.


For some time, there was no disagreement between Iran and Israel, but as a result, a low-intensity war still broke out between the countries. In the event that Iran nevertheless resumes its nuclear program, then Israel may strike at the country’s capital. This will directly affect the supply of oil and then many more countries will be involved in the war.


Over the past year, relations between the United States and Turkey have become more tense. The war can start at any moment, especially if we consider that if President Erdogan draws up a plan of action, then he does not retreat from it.


Over the past decade, relations between Pakistan and India have become incredibly bad and these countries have long been on the brink of war. If the unrest that exists today continues to be observed within the countries, then it will not be possible to avoid war.


Over the past year and a half, relations between the two countries have been very tense. The US has accused China of unfair trade for quite some time. At the same time, the countries are going to conclude another trade deal with each other, although no one gives guarantees that in this way it will be possible to improve relations.

US-North Korea

Relations between the US and North Korea are also not the best. Some time ago, Korea did promise to provide the United States with a “gift”. Many are now worried that North Korea may launch a nuclear or ballistic missile test. It’s worth noting that the countries are going to strike a deal in November, but Korea is not overly interested in the offer made by Donald Trump.


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