Six-meter python tried to climb into the window of the house to death, scaring a family in the UK

(ORDO NEWS) — It was a typical morning in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, when the alarmed neighbors noticed to their horror that something large was stirring on the roof of the neighboring house.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the unidentified animal was actually a giant albino Burmese python about 6 meters long.

Panicked residents watched in horror as the python began to crawl over the edge of the drainpipe and tried to enter the house through the open bedroom window.

The residents of the house staged a real battle, trying to prevent the animal from entering the house.

“I saw them try to push him out and he fell on their car,” neighbor Jenny Warwick said. “It was huge. People passing by looked and couldn’t believe their eyes.”

Another neighbor – Linda Elmer – turned out to be a snake lover and quickly arrived at the scene, took the reptile and carried it along the way to the owner’s house.

“It was very difficult because he is a big snake, but I was able to hobble down the road with this 6-meter python wrapped around me and knocked on the owner’s door,” she said.

“He’s handsome, and Burmese snakes are very docile. They’re not aggressive snakes anyway, and I had one myself, so I wasn’t afraid to pick him up. Luckily, the snake was soon reunited with its owner.”

Animal rights activists are delighted, unlike ordinary residents of the area, who are now afraid to sleep in their homes.


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