Sirenhead: monster creature people talk about

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(ORDO NEWS) — Siren Head is a legend and one of the most popular horror characters on the internet. A frightening and unpleasant bony body, together with the sounds of sirens and screams emitted from horns, create a terrible image that frightens netizens.

Who is Siren Headed Monster

The peak of popularity of the Siren-Headed Monster came in the spring of 2020, when a video with his participation was posted on TikTok. Brief history facts about this creature:

  1. According to legend, the Siren Head or Siren Head appeared before the emergence of mankind. Monster drawings are found in places where primitive people lived.
  2. Sirenhead was first mentioned in 1966. It was discovered by an American family from a car window in a cemetery in Arizona.
  3. Legend has it that in the summer of 1995 in Arkansas, a group of teenagers in the woods fell into the trap of the Siren Head. The only guy who survived was named Chad, from whom everyone learned about this story.
  4. At the moment, there are nine witnesses who claim that they allegedly encountered this monster in their lives. Increasingly, they began to talk about a monster on the territory of Russia in places where people often disappear.
  5. It is noteworthy that in the Russian version of Sirenhead, instead of a head, the monster has a lantern. The version is actively spreading that a monster mutant has appeared in Russia with some other monster.

The founder of the Siren-Headed Monster is an illustrator from Canada, a well-known author of creepy pictures Trevor Henderson.

Sirenhead 2

In addition, he is the author of other unnerving pictures and characters that make people shudder with horror: Cartoon Cat, Long Horse, Man with an Inverted Face.

As an object of the Greyhead universe in SCP

Some believe that Siren Head appeared on the Internet thanks to SCP – a fictional giant Internet database that collects data and stories about terrible monsters that prey on people. Creatures such as Sirenhead are referred to as an “object” in this foundation. The foundation’s goal is to hide and withhold such information from netizens. In this universe, the Foundation is a secret organization.

Sirenhead, reported to be SCP-6789. First mentioned as a creature that lives in sparsely populated villages and villages around the world. It is believed that he is the only representative of his kind. The author of the character himself does not support such a theory, and states that his creation does not apply to the SCP universe.

Sirenhead 3

How did Sirenhead come about? According to the author’s legend, he was created by the forces of nature as a separate species of living being. At the same time, this is a fairly ancient creature, living for more than one thousand years.

First mention

For the first time, a girl told about the monster in 1966, who was driving with her husband past a cemetery in Arizona. What does Sirenhead look like?

“Then she was on vacation with her husband. Driving past the cemetery, she saw this. Standing in an old cemetery, large, like an old (creepy) telephone pole. Maybe it’s some weird piece of art? As soon as she got out of the car, the megaphones on the “head” of this creature came to life with a squeal. “NINE. EIGHTEEN. ONE. CHILD. SEVENTEEN. DELETE. MEAN.”. A buzzing, twin voice shouted random words at her. At that moment, it began to move and walked down the slope towards her.

The couple managed to escape by car. They still don’t know what it was.

Sirenhead 4

Wandering Chad

On July 16, 1995, Chad Geveck was found wandering the forests of Tanyard Creek in northwestern Arkansas. He looked lost and was in a state of shock.

The people who found the young man took him to the hospital and called the police. Examination by a doctor showed the presence of minor physical injuries. Chad told the police officers that he and his friends had gone on a hike in the woods the day before.

The first hours did not portend trouble. Suddenly, one of the trees stirred and began to quickly approach the friends. The guys tried to run away from the monster, but they were all captured. Chad was the last one. He was haunted for a long time by the sound of his friends’ voices coming from the horns. In the end, the Siren Head fell behind the young man, and he continued to run away in a state of shock.

Appearance of the Siren Head

Sirenhead 5

What does Sirenhead look like in real life? Sirenhead is a creature with a humanoid figure. His height is about 12 meters. From afar, it can be confused with a tree or a pole. The limbs of the monster are disproportionately long, the body is thin. Large hands reach almost to the ground. Legs appear thin and fragile.

Instead of skin, the base of the body is covered with a dark brown hard rind that resembles the bark of a tree. All parts of the body are a bare skeleton that has the outlines of human bones. Under the massive ribs is a thin belly, covered with wires.

The monster very much resembles a dried-up mummy.

The main feature of the creature is its head. Or rather, its absence. Instead of a head, he has two metal horns pointing in different directions. They are connected to the head with a large number of wires hanging from a thin neck. Horns can rotate in all directions. Inside the mouthpiece, large mouths with long tongues and teeth can be seen.

The creator of the Siren Head in his Twitter account said that the monster’s head can change its shape, adapting to the environment or a specific person. So, in addition to the mouthpieces, a street lamp and other technologies were observed on Sirenhead’s head. The thing is that this monster is a very ancient monster and in different eras people saw the latest technologies instead of a head.

The siren-headed monster exists as a living object, a predator. However, it is not known exactly how he eats. No blood was found at the sites of the murders and kidnappings. What exactly happens to the victims is unclear.


The creature is very secretive and knows how to hide well in trees, waiting for prey. It preys mainly on lone travelers who get lost in uninhabited places. Very aggressive and dangerous.

Sirenhead 6

It’s not entirely clear what happens to Sirenhead’s victims. Those who managed to escape said that the creature stretched its long arms with sharp nails towards them, trying to grab them. People who encounter him simply disappear without a trace.

Can track and wait for prey for days, remaining motionless. Where does Sirenhead live? It lives mainly in villages and rural areas, pretending to be a tree or a power pole.

Abilities and what sound Siren Head makes

The list of Siren Head abilities is quite large:

  • Sounds. What sounds does Sirenhead make? The monster makes loud noises from its head. Witnesses point to incoherent words, a siren reminiscent of an air attack warning, their own voices and the voices of relatives, white noise, static, cries for help. The sounds made by the monster can be very loud, with a deafening effect;
  • Speed. Despite its size and illogical body structure, the siren head is able to catch up with the car and move at a speed of 80 to 150 km / h;
  • Disguise. Due to the brown color of the skin and the shape of the body, at dusk the monster can be easily confused with a tree, which gives it an advantage in the forest belt. Due to the horns on his head, Siren Head also looks like a pole or a street lamp in life;
  • Strength and durability. Due to its size and the ability to spread its arms over long distances, it has tremendous impact power. Also, the brushes themselves are upset with sharp claws that can be used as knives. The very body of the Sirenhead is durable, it is difficult to injure him even with the help of firearms. The origin story of Sirenhead implies that he has a very strong body.

Sirenhead 7

Why did Siren Head become popular?

While people were interested in the origin of the character, at this point, Fallout 4 fans had already met the hero in the game, and The SCP Foundation even assigned a number to the monster.

Siren Head is very popular among players in Fallout 4. Due to the long limbs, the monster quickly overtakes the player and starts to fight with him. An example is shown in the video.

Siren Head is also part of The SCP Foundation. This is a fictitious foundation that is responsible for the containment of paranormal creatures or phenomena. The monster has the number 6789 in it.

Now the monster is very popular on TikTok. Namely, a video posted by a user under the nickname alex howard has become viral, where a huge monster with loudspeakers instead of a head slowly pumps up a post-apocalyptic atmosphere. The post received a total of 23 million views.

After such a resounding success on TikTok, Siren Head has become a favorite character on English-language Twitter, where you can find not only the original version of the artist, but also fan art.

Some users even managed to portray the monster as a cute creature.

Sirenhead 8

The monster has even become the character of funny memes.

True, Sirenhead memes are common only in the English-speaking environment. They did not reach Russia.

Monster Encounter Stories

There are only nine real stories from witnesses who accidentally verified the existence of this monster. Few of those who met him were able to survive, so there is negligible information about this.

Sirenhead attacks people, accompanying this with a recording of the voices of the victims he previously killed, alarm signals. The monster was first seen in a cemetery in Arizona in 1966 from a car window. The family went on vacation and suddenly the girl saw something that looked like a pole. At some point, the monster began to shout out chaotic words, sounds and began to move towards the car. Luckily, the family managed to escape.

Sirenhead 10

After 30 years, a group of teenagers went camping in the woods in Arkansas. According to the only survivor, Chad, they heard first a dog’s plaintive howl, then a woman’s voice. The guys went deep into the forest to find out if the girl was in trouble. Suddenly, Chad’s friends were grabbed by something huge with very long arms. It wandered between the trees and imitated their voices. Chad was slightly injured, and no trace of his friends was ever found. Why the Siren Headed Monster attacked them and what he did with them is a mystery.

Sirenhead 11

The latest rumors about the atrocities of the monster spread throughout Indiana, where it is not known how and under what circumstances people disappeared without a trace. Some residents claim that Siren Head walks right through the streets at night, merging with lampposts.

There are also stories with Siren Head in Russia. The teenager was waiting for his mother near the store. Twilight had already fallen on the city. In the darkness, the boy suddenly made out a long silhouette that was moving towards him. Chaotic phrases began to come from the horns on his head, then the sound of sirens. In the houses, the light in the windows began to light up one by one, which, fortunately for the teenager, scared the monster away.

Mom left the store and they went home together. That same night, the teenager woke up from the same sounds. Looking out the window, he saw Sirenhead. Standing in terror, the boy heard a loud scream from another house, which eventually attracted the monster. The monster disappeared in the direction of the sound. In the morning, the boy learned that a neighbor had disappeared without a trace, whose body had never been found.

Behavior and attitude towards food

If you wanted to find the Siren Head and make friends with him, then alas, I have bad news for you!

Sirenhead is very aggressive and dangerous to people. He leads a predatory lifestyle, living in rural areas, remote cities and forests, luring stray residents, travelers, animals and children.

And if everything is clear with his food preferences, then it’s interesting – how does he go to the toilet and does he go at all?

PS If you think about it – imagine a giant shitting pole with loudspeakers on top – then I congratulate you, because this is a sign that you need to see a specialist

Why are they making videos about him?

Videos about the Siren Headed Monster are created to gain the maximum number of views on children who love horror stories. This creature is very well attracts the audience. Usually the heroes of such videos run away from the Sirenologist in different places.

Thus, the Siren-Headed Monster has become not only a mega-popular creep character, but also a cheap option to increase user views.

Sirenhead in the forest

Sirenhead 12

Sirenhead was first mentioned in 1966. He was seen by the family at the cemetery, passing by car. The next time he was seen only after almost 30 years, on July 16, 1995. A young man named Chad said that he then went hiking with his friends in the local forest, where they stumbled upon Sirenhead. According to Chad, his friends were grabbed by something very large, moving quickly past the trees and trying to imitate their voices. Chad was found practically unharmed in the forest, his friends are still missing to this day.

He was also seen by residents of Indiana, at a time when other fellow citizens disappeared under very strange circumstances.

This photo was found near one place where a person went missing.

Where does this character’s legs grow from?

As with Slender, no one has ever tried to pass off Sirenhead as a super-mega true story. It was invented by Canadian artist Trevor Henderson, who draws in the genre of “unnerving images”, which roughly translates as “Creep Pictures”. Their essence lies in the image on a (usually) ordinary photo, often blurry, creepy HEX and overlaying noise filters, or some others.

Thus, in addition to the Siren Head, this artist also created and continues to create other creep characters with their own lore, for which, in a good way, you also need to create an article.

At the moment, this character is only gaining popularity, but now he has every chance of becoming as popular after a while as Slender was 9-10 years ago.

This character appeared only recently, but he sunk into the soul of many so much that they have already made a computer indie game based on him (of dubious quality, but nonetheless). It is called “Siren head”, it is not in the incentive, so I did not dare to download and evaluate its quality from unknown sites, but judging by Yandex reviews, the game has a good atmosphere. And they wrote a lot of stories, though most of them are currently written in English.

Sirenhead 13

As a teenager, I often met my mother from work. This usually happened near a small hardware store not far from the central market.

During one of these meetings, I, as usual, sat on the porch of the store and waited for her. The time was dark, so nothing could be seen further than the area illuminated by the lantern.

On the other side of the road, I saw a silhouette, which at first I took for a post. But looking closer at him, I fell into a stupor. It turned out to be… something. The creature vaguely resembled a man, the arms and legs were very thin, and the torso was shaped like a bedside table. The head stood on a long neck and was studded with loudspeakers. They trembled.

Apparently, it was right next to the window. I carefully rolled over onto my back. Indeed, his head was visible through the glass. He stood and seemed to be looking around the room. Suddenly, a frightened cry was heard from somewhere. The monster turned on him and disappeared from sight. The scream came again and was cut off by a fading wheeze. It looked out the window again and made a sound like white noise, after which it disappeared completely. The rest of the night I lay, looking first at the ceiling, then at the window. I still thought I could hear him.

The next day it turned out that a man had disappeared during the night. Someone also heard the scream, but they could not say anything for sure. They found only a tattered jacket and boots. Oddly enough, they found it next to the panel house in which I lived.

Sirenhead 14


There have been several instances of encounters with Sirenhead sounds made by a creature:

  • In 1999, in Belgrade, Serbia, the sounds of a siren were heard in all parts of the city. People thought that this was a warning about another air attack by NATO forces, because. at this time the area was in a state of hostilities. However, no air raids or bombing followed. Several eyewitnesses pointed to moving pillars in the area of ​​the local cemetery, from which the sound came;
  • In the summer of 2010, the US Rescue Service received many calls from anxious Chicagoans. They talked about a tornado alarm, but the weather was calm. The corresponding brigade went to the scene. The search for the source was unsuccessful, and then the sound suddenly stopped;
  • In 2018, two travelers Joachim Müller and Bruno Koffler disappeared in one of the cities in Austria. At night, they pitched a tent in a forest on the outskirts of the city. Neighboring houses heard the short sound of a siren. At the site of the camp, the belongings of men were later found. The bodies were never found;
  • After one of the earthquakes in Japan, a whole team of workers engaged in the repair of energy poles disappeared. Due to frequent natural disasters, it is not customary in the Land of the Rising Sun to lay cables with electricity in asphalt. They are strung on poles to make them easier to repair. This is the perfect place to hunt Sirenhead;
  • A family of 4 went missing from their country house. No signs of burglary were found. The disappearance was reported by neighbors when they noticed the open back door. Also on the eve of the neighbors heard the sounds of sirens. Everything in the house was left as it was. The bodies of the parents and children were never found.

Little Known Facts About Siren Head

Many theories and assumptions have appeared around this legend, some of which turned out to be true. Interesting Siren Head Facts:

  • Despite the fact that the creators of the fictional SCP Foundation posted an article about Sirenhead on their website and even assigned him a number, representatives of the organization subsequently stated that he was not their object;
  • The canonical image of the Siren Head implies the presence of two horns on his head, however, the character creator also laid out art with an additional gramophone in the neck area;
  • Sirenhead’s number 6789 refers to another SCP object. Object 5987 is named Sirenhead and is an image of a siren from the stern of the French ship Duc de Dantzig. The captain of the ship, for the use of supernatural powers, received the code name 6789-AN;
  • Developer Hunderson confirmed that Siren Head knew his other character, Long Horse, in real life. They are enemies because of their different attitude towards people;
  • The entity is not an alien or a mirage. His body is organic and was created on Earth;
  • Sirenhead once had a goal, but he forgot about it and now hunts for survival.

Sirenhead 15

Games Siren Head – a real nightmare

To understand who you have to face, you should carefully study the description of the monster. Based on his appearance:

  • skinny long body – according to a rough estimate, the growth of the monster exceeds 12 m;
  • withered skin – a nasty rusty color, all covered with a bloody crust of slain victims;
  • disproportionately long arms and legs – bony and very mobile;
  • a head with two loudspeakers – horns can record and make sounds, and sharp and scary teeth are hidden in them;
  • habitats – cemeteries, forests, fields.

Here is such a monster meets users in the game, but not openly, but on the sly. Siren Head lures players into the thicket by imitating cries for help or the voices of friends. The monster disguises itself as trees and poles, and if detected, develops tremendous speed in pursuit of the victim. Escape is almost impossible! Only a select few can elude the terrible monster and run away.

The development of the plot is linear and has only two branches – victory or defeat. But this does not detract from the attractiveness of the toy and its huge popularity. All new stories about the Sirenhead are offered by the developers, enhancing the features of the monster and giving it new skills.

Many attribute Sirenhead to the SCP universe, but he is a separate unique character. That is why games with him are highlighted in a separate category “Siren Head”, which contains the best stories about a monstrous creature.


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