Singer spoke about the meeting with a UFO

(ORDO NEWS) — The singer was surprised by unusual lights in the sky.

Klava Koka has been actively traveling for the last month. First, the artist flew to warm Dubai, then ended up in a ski resort in Courchevel, and then went to Spain with her friends.

At the end of January, Klava flew with her mother to the Maldives, from where she actively shared photos on her microblog on Instagram.

Note that Klava tries to spend a lot of time with her mother. Despite the fact that the singer has three children in her family, she often flies on vacation with her mother together.

The actress admitted that she and her mother have a very close relationship. She considers her her best friend.

The actress admitted that she missed work and is ready to start new projects. However, the journey home was an adventure. She even managed to see a UFO during the flight. The singer showed bright lights in the sky.

“We saw a UFO!!! This is the ocean, if anything, and there is nothing on the map, ”Klava wrote (the spelling and punctuation of the authors are given unchanged hereinafter. – Approx. ed.).

Recall that in January of this year, vacation with Olga Buzova ended with a scandal for Klava. The friends flew off to ride to an elite ski resort, from where they actively shared photos.

In one of the published videos, Klava showed how Buzova suddenly squatted down on her haunches on the street after spa treatments. “Don’t wallow, please, you are in my jacket,” Klava turned to her.

However, the Network considered that the singer framed her friend – in the video, Buzova looked drunk. Such a video caused indignation among colleagues Dima Bilan.

“I felt a sense of shame for you, Klava Koka! Because you took and … framed a friend. Horror! Disgustingly ugly, ”the artist turned to Klava.

As a result, Coca left Courchevel. A couple of days later, Buzova posted Stories on her blog on Instagram, where she quipped that “no one has been setting her up for two days now.” The actress unsubscribed from Klava on social networks and decided not to invite her to her birthday.

Now Koka is actively returning to her work schedule after a long vacation. The day before, she announced the launch of a new project in collaboration with Alexander Revva.

The artist starred in the video together with the singer for the joint track “Do you want”. For the sake of the video the day before, the couple even went to Dubai. “Sugar Daddy and Miss Charisma,” the performer described the duet then.


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