Since 2015, cosmic ray power has increased by 18 percent

(ORDO NEWS) — Cosmic radiation is the main source of background radiation on our planet. According to the latest data, it became clear that cosmic rays increased by about 18%, when compared with 2015. A huge problem in this situation is that there is no effective protection against exposure to hazardous in a large number of cosmic rays.

Scientists from Nice conducted a study during which they found that cosmic rays played a very important role in the origin of life on Earth. In a small amount, it will not do any harm to a person, but the indicator will increase above the norm, this can cause a huge number of problems.

Cosmic rays in large quantities can destroy the cells of the bone marrow and digestive tract, cause changes that occur at the genome level. In addition, malignant tumor cells begin to divide more actively, problems with the nervous system and heart appear, sexual function begins to be inhibited, vision decreases, and so on.

Also, cosmic rays can affect not only the weather, but also in general the climate on the planet. British meteorologists conducted research, during which it was found that when cosmic rays are at the peak of their activity, then the weather is cloudy.

In addition, it was proved that cosmic rays can provoke a more rapid multiplication of microflora and increase the predisposition of the human body to various kinds of diseases of infectious origin. It is worth noting that under cosmic radiation, scientists also mean solar radiation, and not just what comes to us from deep space.

The main reason that the power of cosmic radiation is increasing, experts call the Sun. Storm clouds on a star can sweep cosmic rays at a time when they pass by our planet. This causes a change in their direction. The reasons also include a noticeable weakening of the magnetic field, which is not able to fully protect the planet from the penetration of radiation.


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