Simplest and most plausible theory about the origin of dark matter

(ORDO NEWS) — Astrophysicists conducted a study and found out what points existing alternative theories of gravity should take into account in order to describe the influence of dark matter.

In addition to the Lambda-CDM model, which introduces dark matter to describe the observed phenomena, there are several alternative cosmological theories. Now physicists have imposed such restrictions on them that they are all wrong.

According to the ΛCDM (Lambda-CDM) model accepted in the scientific community, in our Universe, in addition to baryonic matter, there is also dark matter and cold dark matter.

This model well describes and explains the accelerated expansion of the Universe, which other theories cannot boast of. That’s just to detect the particles that make up dark matter, scientists have not yet succeeded.

Some alternative theories of gravity do not introduce dark matter. But the observed effects, which ΛCDM explains by the presence of this type of matter, do not disappear anywhere. Therefore, alternative theories must somehow get out in order to describe these experimental facts.

Two astrophysicists from NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Princeton University decided to make things easier for some theorists by conducting a study that put limits on alternative cosmological models.

The researchers found that none of the theories of gravity proposed so far satisfies the limitations they have identified.

This means that if the effects of dark matter can be explained by an alternative theory, and not ΛCDM, then such a theory has not yet been developed. In the future, the work of physicists may serve as the basis for the development of new theories of gravity that are more consistent with cosmological observations.

According to the researchers, an alternative theory that meets their criteria would have to be so unique that galaxies near the Milky Way would follow “crazy” trajectories, according to it. So the simplest explanation for dark matter is still that it is made up of particles that interact weakly with baryonic matter.


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