Simple way to prevent severe coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — Physical activity is the key to good health. Regular exercise makes the body stronger. Today, researchers are urging people to exercise to protect themselves from the dire consequences of Covid-19.

An active lifestyle improves the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. A complex of simple exercises protects against complications better than modern medicines.

Reported by CNBC.

The study was conducted at the Kaiser Permanente Fontana Center in Southern California. The study involved 50,000 coronavirus patients from California. The results of the studies showed that those people who were actively involved in sports before the disease were less likely to be at risk of hospitalization due to a severe course of the disease.

Each person who participated in the study was asked to indicate the duration of their training sessions. It turned out that those who were active for less than ten minutes a week were more likely to end up in a hospital bed. And those who devote 150 minutes to training each week feel much better.

Dr.Robert Sallis recommends exercising for adults 150 to 300 minutes a week to avoid the dire consequences of coronavirus disease. A simple 30 minute walk every day will help the body fight various diseases.


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