Silicon Valley billionaires want their state on artificial islands

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Since 2008, the Seasteading Institute research center has been working on a project of an independent state based on artificial islands. Interest in the project increased significantly during the pandemic.

The idea of ​​creating a group of islands that can host a rich population came to Patry Friedman, a former Google engineer. Ten years ago, he received $ 1.7 million from billionaire Peter Thiel for the realization of his utopian ideas. In 2017, the investor abandoned the venture, but the idea of ​​islands-cities that are not dependent on any country continued to exist in the minds of wealthy residents of Silicon Valley.

Billionaires more often became interested in the possibility of building islands during the coronavirus pandemic. Now many entrepreneurs are in New Zealand bunkers, but this is not the standard of living that they dreamed about. A separate state will not only survive the epidemic, but also be surrounded by pleasant surroundings. Plus, a utopian city will have better governance in terms of taxes, etc.

Friedman is actively negotiating with the creators of the floating islands regarding the construction of the charter city. Usually the construction of such a territorial unit requires the consent of a nearby country. The exact construction site is currently unknown. We can only say that in the new country there will be some freedom from taxes. Also, ideology, as a rule, boils down to the fact that the poor can get rich, the sick can be cured, and the hungry can get enough.

From a technical and financial point of view, it is quite possible to implement the project. Last year, issues of building a floating commune were raised at the UN.


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