Silent mode appears on Facebook

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Facebook developers will add the Quiet Mode function to the application, which will allow you to disconnect almost all notifications from the social network with one button. An exception will be made only for particularly important alerts, in particular regarding the updating of the privacy policy.

Quiet Mode will be part of Facebook’s digital health initiative, VentureBeat writes . In 2018, the Your Time on Facebook panel appeared in the application, which allows you to limit on-screen time and find out how much time a user spent on social networks over the past week.

Quiet mode, which allows you to turn off notifications from individual programs, is already available on most modern smartphones, however, the new Facebook feature makes it possible to schedule silence for certain hours and days of the week, while disabling all built-in alerts and push notifications.

By opening the application with Quiet Mode turned on, users will see the corresponding message and the time (if this option was selected) remaining before it is turned off. If desired, the mode can be temporarily deactivated (for 15 minutes) to read the tape or write a post.

In Facebook versions for iOS and Android, a new feature will appear within a month.


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