Signs that you should give up coffee

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(ORDO NEWS) — Coffee is a controversial drink. Some say that it is useful, others, on the contrary, claim that it is poison.

Scientists are constantly researching it, and doctors warn that you need to be careful with it. For whom and why it is better to give up coffee, read on.

Coffee is really a dangerous drink. A physically healthy person cannot consume more than 400 mg per day, if you drink more, it will harm your health.

It is better for hypertensive patients not to drink it at all or no more than 1 cup a day. The doctors told in detail who and when it is better to bond with love for caffeine.

In what cases should you stop drinking coffee?

You can not drink coffee with acid reflux. The fact is that caffeine can cause stomach acid to enter the lower esophagus. Also, doctors recommend giving up any drinks containing caffeine in case of such health problems.

If a person has problems with sleep, then coffee is also strictly prohibited. Caffeine will only increase insomnia. Moreover, it can provoke the appearance of various sleep disorders.

With anxiety disorders, doctors also insist on giving up caffeine. The thing is that it is such a drink that excites the nervous system. Anxiety after drinking will only increase.

There are also those for whom coffee does not invigorate, but, on the contrary, causes drowsiness. This is called the reverse effect. Then it is better to reduce the consumption of the drink to a minimum.

With sudden weight gain, coffee can do a lot of harm. Coffee is an excellent digestif (drink after a meal). Only not cappuccino or latte, but espresso, ristreto or dopio, that is, pure black.

Drinks with milk can add extra kg. As a rule, they are drunk with sugar, syrups and as a snack with sweets. This is the reason why it is better to give up the drink.

If a woman has a disturbed menstrual cycle, it is also better to refuse coffee, as well as during menstruation. The drink can increase discharge and pain during menstruation.


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