Signs of life found on Mars can be mimicked by nature

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of scientists, after analyzing all the signs of life on Mars found at this time, came to the conclusion that they were all most likely created by nature.

According to the authors of the study, the fossils, which were mistaken for biological remains, may have formed through chemical processes. As an example, a scientific work cites several processes that act in a similar way. A certain illusion of the presence of biological remains is created, but in fact they are ordinary stones.

However, the team of scientists does not disprove the fact that life existed on the red planet in the past. This is evidenced by multiple studies in this topic, which scientifically proved the existence of seas and rivers on Mars.

The authors of the study are calling on colleagues to better analyze such fossils. Negligence in such a matter can mislead many scientists.

This is especially true, since a lot of eyes have been riveted to Mars lately. One of them is a manned mission to the red planet, with the aim of landing and building a human colony. After the end of the mission, the astronauts must return to Earth.


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