Signal from a secret object in space

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(ORDO NEWS) — Russian radio amateur Dmitry Pashkov caught a data transmission from an object launched by a Chinese secret “reusable experimental spacecraft.” On his website, he indicates that it could be a satellite.

“I started looking for signals from this unit on all possible ranges. And now, seven days later, my automatic signal search system (during the processing of four terabytes of data) gave me a notification about the detection of two unidentified signals emanating from a released object in two different flyover orbits, ”Pashkov writes.

Later, he discovered data transmission at a frequency of 2280,000 megahertz and a channel width of 4000 kilohertz. According to Pashkov, the signal is “fairly stable, although sometimes intermittently.” He concluded that the secret facility had a stabilization system and could be a satellite.

In early September, China carried out a secret launch of an “experimental reusable spacecraft.” It is assumed that the Long March 2 rocket sent into space an analog of the X-37B mini-shuttle, which Dmitry Rogozin, the general director of Roscosmos, associated with weapons of mass destruction.

Before landing on September 5, the Chinese ship released an unknown object into space. The North American Aerospace Defense Command notes that the released product NORAD ID 46395 (2020-063G COSPAR ID) is in orbit 332 kilometers by 348 kilometers with an inclination angle of 50.2 degrees. It was speculated that this could be a ship’s orbital compartment or a solar array.


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