Siberian woman survived after complete lung damage

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of Novosibirsk spent 18 days in intensive care with coronavirus and said that she helped to get out.

The fourth wave of coronavirus in the Novosibirsk region stubbornly does not want to end. The number of cases has long crossed the border of 400 people per day. A lot of patients end up in intensive care. What happens behind these closed doors, where not even all doctors are allowed to enter? 37-year-old Veronika Belousova was in intensive care with total lung damage, but remained conscious. She decided to tell what is happening where the apparatus breathes for you. Further – from the first person.

I felt the first symptoms on July 14: slight weakness, joints seemed to twist, then my sense of smell and tastes disappeared. The virus developed rapidly. On the fifth day, I did a CT scan, which showed 48% lung involvement, and went to the hospital. After a couple of days, the defeat was total, the virus simply devoured me from the inside, although he did it very kindly, I had no idea about the severity of my condition.

The doctors said that I needed to be placed in intensive care. At 90% oxygen in intensive care I spent 18 (as far as I remember) days, in the hospital I spent exactly one month. We must pay tribute to the doctors and the equipment of the first infectious diseases hospital on Sham shins. These are the fighters! Everything is clear and harmonious, the attitude is attentive, the medicines are all available!

As far as I remember, I was conscious all the time … Only when I got out of the intensive care unit, I learned that one lung was totally affected by 100%, and the second – by 98%. To survive with such defeats, a miracle had to happen … Only then I realized how on the edge I was … I am scared to imagine what my family felt when they called every day in the morning, afternoon and evening and heard that I was for 10 days. I wanted to live so badly !!! I couldn’t let them down. “I am always cheerful, positive, I always want to help everyone, I should not die from this disease,” I thought. – We must fight.

And how to fight when you do not know what to do to improve the situation?

The constant methodical squeak of the apparatus every 15 seconds, day and night, wildly acted on the nerves, people were lying around motionless, someone was intubated, someone was wearing a mask that is attached to the head almost on bolts, because this is your life, you take it off – you will die. And absolute all-consuming helplessness …

You can’t even drink without a doctor, I’m not talking about the rest. In the morning, when there are many different procedures: droppers, injections, doctors, making beds – it is still bearable to be there. But there is such a time … I called it “despondency hours”, something like a dream, when no procedures are done, doctors do not flicker in a large number. You remain with your thoughts, you are left alone with your personal apparatus and you begin to hypnotize the saturation numbers on the monitor, because your life depends on them. Then it is very scary and easy to break. Fatigue from procedures, uncertainty, lack of predictions (since a lot depends not only on medications, but also on your body and the desire to live), and the desire to simply brush your teeth and wash your hair turns into an obsession.

The lack of a telephone and communication means further exacerbates the severity of the situation. I want to appeal to everyone: don’t panic, don’t waste your resources on negative things! Meditate, pray! I was helped by the kind notes of my relatives that they brought me. For me it was a thread of communication with them, every word written there meant so much to me. Each transmission, even if it’s just wet wipes, is a conversation with them. It gave me strength! I so wanted to live … for their sake, for myself, for my daughter.

I knew that they believed in me, and I could not let them down, that I had to get out, that I had not had time to do so many things. When I was lying, I tried to cheer up other patients. When they fed my grandfather, who refused to eat, she persuaded him and saw that he hears me and opens his mouth, then it’s not in vain! Although it was completely impossible to talk – the saturation is dropping. I tried not to move one more time so as not to knock her over. For about five hours she froze in every position – on her back and half-side.

She asked for a book, wanted my brain to work, and read half a page an hour at first. It distracted me, it became easier for me. And many around me gave up and gave up. It was visible, audible and understandable. And then – the screen, the rustle of the package …

My advice to everyone: do not delay your visit to the doctor. Fight for your life, keep your mood, accept the procedures with gratitude, help doctors treat you, and medicines – to act for the good! After resuscitation, I had to re-learn to sit, walk, eat myself, and so on. I’m undergoing rehabilitation. My hair grows wildly, and the tone of the roots has become lighter, sometimes my thoughts get confused, but I am so happy that I am alive. It all seems such trifles … Thanks to the doctors and my relatives and friends for their help and support!


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