Should we be afraid of humanoid robots

(ORDO NEWS) — Last December, robotics company Engineered Arts took social media by storm by posting a video of one of its latest creations, an ultra-realistic humanoid robot named Ameca.

Will Jackson, CEO of Engineered Arts, says Ameca is not sentient, but is programmed to take a human by surprise.

“The robot does something you don’t expect at all. It’s programmed for eye contact, and when the robot gives you a funny look, you can’t help but attribute some kind of thought process to it.”

Should we be afraid of such robots?

Will Jackson says there is no need to worry about the end of the world in the spirit of the Terminator movies, where humanoid robots roam with machine guns and shoot people

However, Will Jackson expresses serious concerns about the use of AI: “I would never put a weapon system under the control of AI, this is a really terrible idea.”

Engineered Arts robots are friendly androids like C-3PO from the Star Wars universe, according to Will Jackson, they should not be feared.

Moreover, Engineered Arts has never been and does not plan to develop its robots for military purposes.


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