Should Elon Musk be banned from Twitter during the pandemic?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Since the start of the pandemic, Elon Musk has decided that his opinions on the coronavirus deserve to be heard, forgetting the adage that “opinions are like heart holes, everyone has one”. Worse, he forgot to inquire before speaking. And given its large audience on Twitter, nearly 33 million people, this is hardly reassuring.

On March 23, responding to a surfer who asked him to provide N95 masks (the American equivalent of French FFP2) for hospitals in Louisiana, he said: “We will try to obtain and deliver as many as possible possible. N95 masks are difficult to wear. The cheaper masks are better most of the time.”

However, as Business Insider explained, “less expensive masks”, that is to say surgical masks, hardly protect caregivers. Wearing a surgical mask avoids infecting others, but does not prevent or little to fall ill. Elon Musk’s assertion is therefore erroneous.

The entrepreneur is not at his first meatball. He has long downplayed the scale of the pandemic, tweeting for example on March 6 that “the panic around the coronavirus is stupid”. The phrase has been retweeted nearly 350,000 times.

On March 19, Elon Musk wrote on Twitter that children were “essentially immune” to the coronavirus. A questionable claim, because while the coronavirus mainly kills older people, no demographic group is “immune” to Covid-19.

Worse still: Musk has been reluctant to shut down its Tesla factory in Fremont , California to keep its workers safe. He just sent an email to tell people who felt sick that they didn’t have to come to work. Ultimately, the police had to shut down the factory.

“A large part […] of Elon Musk’s fanbase considers him as an authority on everything that is scientific. Therefore, his words have an impact. His ill-advised approach to the coronavirus pandemic risks putting people who trust his expertise at risk, not to mention the rest of us,” criticizes Futurism .

However, the entrepreneur offered to help fight the pandemic by making artificial respirators. But these announcements were greeted with skepticism by specialized companies.


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