Shepherd rocket aborts launch due to ‘mid-flight anomaly’

(ORDO NEWS) — The launch abort system was triggered one second after the anomaly was detected. If people were on board, it would have saved them.

Today’s launch of the New Shepherd mission did not go according to plan and was aborted following a “mid-flight anomaly”.

When the missile was about 8.5 kilometers above the ground, the unmanned payload capsule activated the abort motor and flew to safety.

This was Jeff Bezos’s 23rd Blue Origin New Shepard flight, and the ninth for this particular reusable rocket.

The abort system was activated just at the moment when the rocket reached the maximum point at which the vehicle experiences maximum dynamic pressure, depending on the air pressure and the accumulated speed.

“Looks like we’ve encountered an anomaly. It was unplanned and we don’t have any details yet, but our crewed capsule was able to successfully escape,” Erica Wagner said during a live broadcast of the launch.

Although the launch was not successful, it is already good that the crew capsule was able to easily separate and land safely on the ground.

“The capsule escape system functioned as intended,” Blue Origin engineers tweeted.


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