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Sheep jailed in Africa for killing woman

Sheep jailed in Africa for killing woman

A ram killed a woman in North Sudan

(ORDO NEWS) — In South Sudan, a very interesting and at the same time tragic incident occurred. Adye Chaping, 45, died after being attacked by a ram.

For this animal was immediately taken under arrest. He was tried and sentenced to three years in prison.

During the investigation of the crime, it was found that the ram hit the African woman several times quite hard, which caused damage to the rib.

The broken rib, in turn, damaged the lung, so the woman died immediately on the spot from the injury.

The representative of the military authorities Elijah Mabor notes that the owner of this ram has nothing to do with what happened.

At the same time, the animal committed a terrible crime, so it should have been immediately arrested and then sent to trial.

At the trial, it was also decided to pay compensation to the family of the deceased woman. The owner of the ram must give them five cows.

After the animal guilty of the death of an African woman “serves out” its term, it will most likely also be transferred to the affected family. That’s what local law says.


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