Shark tooth and ancient Egyptian deity found in ancient Spanish settlement

(ORDO NEWS) — In an Iron Age settlement in Spain, archaeologists unexpectedly discovered artifacts depicting an ancient Egyptian deity.

They were dedicated to Hathor, the goddess of heaven, joy and love, according to Heritage Daily.

A walled settlement was found in 1990 in Salamanca. Its area reaches 3.2 acres, age – 2700 years. Over the past 30 years, scientists have surveyed an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 1,000 square meters.

During recent excavations, a team from the University of Salamanca recovered amulets and remains of pottery from the ground.

Scattered shards were once part of the painted and gold-leaf figure of Hathor. They formed a fragment about five centimeters long, depicting the lower part of the goddess’s hair.

Studies have shown that the shards were glued to the base using resin or glue. Currently, scientists are examining them in the laboratory to identify this substance.

Along with the ceramics, a shark tooth, beads and a piece of amphora with floral motifs were found. The latter has traces of blue paint, very popular among the Egyptians.

It remains unknown how the Egyptian artifacts could have come to the territory of modern Spain. According to one version, the Phoenician delegation brought them as gifts.

But it is also likely that they were made by the locals, having become acquainted with the cultures of the eastern Mediterranean.


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