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Shark hunter told why predators began to attack people

Shark hunter told why predators began to attack people

(ORDO NEWS) — The famous shark hunter Mark “The Shark” told why predators began to attack people in shallow water.

A well-known American shark hunter, Mark Cartiano (Mark The Shark), against the backdrop of more frequent attacks by these underwater predators on people in Egypt, said that sharks are not inclined to attack people in shallow water.

Mark The Shark has been hunting sharks in Miami for about 50 years. He makes about 500 exits to the “big water” a year. The specialist said that in Florida recently there have also been many shark attacks on people.

One of the reasons for this, he says, is the fact that the amount of fish that sharks normally eat has plummeted due to commercial fishing.

So predators go into shallow water to find another source of food. That is why a large number of shark attacks now occur near the coast, Mark pointed out.

According to his story, sharks are very smart creatures and continue to evolve.

“It’s Darwin’s Law: Survival of the fittest. They’ve already learned a lot of the tricks we use to catch them.

So a lot of the ways we hunt don’t work anymore. So we have to come up with new ways to outsmart the sharks.

I’ve been doing this for over 50 years, and sharks have definitely gotten smarter, especially in the last 10 years.

We are constantly looking for new ways to hunt them, trying different methods to catch them.

Fortunately, we are still bypassing sharks and using this to catch them with our clients,” he said.

However, Cartiano believes that sharks are not inclined to attack a person near the shore if they recognize him.

“In the case of shark attacks near the shore, when swimmers become victims, it is often worth paying attention to the fact that the water in these places is opaque.

Sharks cannot see what they are throwing themselves at. I think if they knew that it was a person, they , most likely, they would not have attacked.

But when a swimmer is in dirty or simply opaque water, a shark can attack without hesitation, just so as not to miss his chance, “he shared his opinion.

Cartiano noted that these predators are an essential part of the ecosystem.

“They can be called the ‘cops of the ocean’. I think they will continue to exist even after the last person disappears.

They were here before us and will be here after us. They are programmed to survive. They will not go anywhere.

Of course, I agree that they are over-hunted in some parts of the world, but here near Florida they are plentiful, there are so many of them here that many fishermen complain that they cannot even get the fish out of the nets because the sharks intercept them, so the fishermen are grateful to us for our work.

We catch sharks every day, and this helps not only fishermen, but also divers,” he said.


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