Shark broke a tooth on a man’s head trying to bite him

(ORDO NEWS) — No one in the world would like to face a shark in her element tete-a-tete. Attacking a person, this animal actually leaves no chance of survival. But there are exceptions, and Jared Norman is direct evidence of this. He miraculously survived the attack of a predator, moreover, he broke his tooth.

Off the coast of South Africa, a man was engaged in spearfishing. He saw that there were sharks nearby, but since this was not the first time he had fished here, he simply ignored their presence. Jarid is 38 years old, he has been engaged in spear fishing for several years already, and he says. What sharks to him are like “snakes in the garden.” Don’t make them angry and everything will be fine!

On that day, one of the sharks swimming nearby was interested not in the man, but in his prey. He shot a large fish with a special gun and was already holding the catch in his hands. Then suddenly the sea predator decided to take the prey from the fisherman and bit him on the head.

Most likely she missed, says Norman. From the second bite, the shark, along with the seized prey, swam away in an unknown direction. The injured fisherman got out of the water, tried to feel the bite site, found a fragment of her tooth there. In the hospital, the doctor examined the man and said that everything was in order.

Such a case is really considered a real stroke of luck. The fisherman survived the attack of a deadly predator, received a minimum of injuries, and also broke a shark’s tooth!


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