Shanghai prisoners: Tesla factory resumed production, but workers cannot leave

(ORDO NEWS) — The coronavirus outbreak continues in Shanghai, the worst since the start of the pandemic.

The authorities closed the city for a hard lockdown, and with it most of the business. The Tesla factory managed to resume work, but not without nuances.

How Tesla works

  • Elon Musk’s car company has come up with a way to reopen Shanghai. It is controversial and not very convenient for the workers themselves.
  • According to the source, people will live right at the plant, observing a number of restrictions.
  • The premises of the enterprise do not provide living conditions. For example, there is no hostel, so the staff will receive a sleeping bag and a mattress from the management, which can be placed in a specially designated place.
  • The management is also rapidly building areas for showers, dining and entertainment, but their construction has not yet been completed, and work, apparently, has already resumed.
  • Mandatory requirements include taking a PCR test daily for the first three days, taking your temperature twice a day, and washing your hands four times a day.
  • Closed workers at the factory will receive three meals a day and an allowance of 400 yuan per day. Depending on the position, the amount of the allowance may differ.

It is reported that the plant will only have personnel from areas with low infection rates and only people who have received two vaccines.

Surprise is the work schedule. According to Bloomberg, it is usually four days after two. However, during the special regime, people will work 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, that is, with one day off.

Apparently, the local leadership has decided to bring back the old tradition of overwork, the so-called “996 system”, which the Chinese authorities have been so diligently fighting in recent years.

It consisted in the fact that the companies worked from nine in the morning until nine in the evening, six days a week.

Often such a busy schedule led to death. One of the last known cases came in February when a moderator for the Chinese video platform Bilibili died from overwork at work.

It is planned that such a regime at the Tesla factory will last until May 1, but the date may change depending on the situation and decisions of Shanghai.


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