Shallow because of the heat, the Danube showed the sunken German warships of World War II

(ORDO NEWS) — The wreckage of German warships of the Second World War became visible at the bottom of the Danube in Prahovo (Serbia).

Europe’s worst drought in recent years has sent the mighty river down to one of its lowest levels in a century.

The water exposed the skeletons of 20 warships filled with explosives. They were flooded in 1944, when the Nazis retreated under the onslaught of the Soviet troops.

These ships still obstruct river traffic. And the explosives on board endanger people’s lives. Workers in the local fishing industry are also at risk, including those from Romania, which is just across the river.

“The German flotilla left behind a big environmental disaster that threatens us, the inhabitants of Prahovo,” said Velimir Trailovic, 74, a pensioner from the Serbian town who has written a book about German ships.

The dry Danube became unsuitable for navigation. On the approach to Prahovo, due to German ships, the navigable section narrowed to only 100 m from 180 m.

In March 2022, the Serbian government announced a tender for the disposal of shipwrecks and the removal of ammunition. The cost of this operation is estimated at 29 million euros, reports Reuters.


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