Several large asteroids are approaching the Earth at once

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(ORDO NEWS) — NASA scientists have compiled a list of new space threats. It is about asteroids flying towards the Earth.

Scientists from the Center for the Study of Near-Earth Objects observe what is happening in space every day.

And so they detected as many as 5 cosmic stones that could be potentially dangerous for the Earth. During the next week, they will get as close as possible to us.

There is no need to panic, so far nothing threatens the Earth from space, say astronomers. They calculated the flight trajectories of these stones and came to the conclusion that none of them will hit the planet.

Stones that fly at a distance of 7 million km from the Earth and less are considered potentially dangerous, even if they are no more than 100 meters wide.

And if the size of the asteroid is 1 km or more, its fall will turn into a real disaster.

The asteroid with a width of 32 meters will be the first to fly up. The space object was named 2023 CG1. The speed of the stone is 23,328 kilometers per hour.

Immediately behind it, on February 26, 2023 DA will fly at approximately the same speed, but with a width of only 18 meters. It will pass the Earth at a distance of 1 million km.

Next will be asteroid 2012 DK31. Its width is approximately 143 meters, and its speed exceeds 55,000 kilometers per hour. A possible date of approach to the planet is February 27.

Immediately after this, the stone 2006 BE55 will receive the baton, its width is 145 meters, and the speed is 47,936 kilometers per hour. It will approach the Earth on the last day of February.

Asteroid 2007 ED125 will complete the space show, it will fly by at a speed exceeding 47,000 kilometers per hour. The largest of the five, with a width of 223 meters.

By the way, experts do not always manage to detect meteorites flying towards the Earth in time. Fortunately, so far none of them have fallen on the planet, like the one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.


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