Seven huge asteroids will fly near Earth this week

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA trackers have recorded quite a few asteroids that will fly past the Earth in just this week. A total of seven objects will fly by. The largest asteroid will be about 88 meters in diameter.

Space object 2020 RV2 will fly past our planet on the evening of October 6 at a distance of 3.5 million miles. The asteroid’s speed is 4.16 km per second, and its size ranges from 19 to 44 meters.

An asteroid of roughly the same size 2020 RR2 flies a little slower. At the closest possible distance from Earth, it will also be on October 6. The next day, another space object can be expected – asteroid 2020 RK2. The diameter of the object is about 83 meters and it moves at a fairly high speed – 6.68 km per second.

On the evening of October 7, 2019 SB6 will fly past the Earth. Then asteroid 2020 SR6 will sweep behind it at a speed of 5.26 km per second, its size is from 20 to 44 meters. The fastest space object to watch this week is the 2020 SX3. Its speed reaches 10.88 km per second. The diameter of the stone is 88 meters.

Experts have suggested that if such an asteroid crashes into Earth, then its power will be equal to the largest nuclear bomb ever created by humans. The asteroid would cause a huge catastrophe and the destruction of a huge number of cities over a large area. But none of the space objects that will fly past the Earth in the coming days are a threat to our planet and the risk of collision with them is completely absent.

Asteroid 2020 RO1 will be the last to arrive at close range this week. Its dimensions are 22-50 meters, and its speed is about 3.21 km per second. A space object will fly by near the Earth on October 9.


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